Rabu, Juni 7

Ramadan 1438H

When I was a child
I used to felt claustrophobic
Small space made me anxious
My hands were trembling
I'm sweating profusely
I choked few times
I felt like I'm dying

As I grow up
I felt small space is what I needed most
I can see everything from where I stand
I can control anything
And I tend to live it that way

As I aged
I met few people
Keep them as close as I can be
I had few contacts
Call them when I'm free
That how I live my life
It feels empty
I keep on doing it anyway

I used to celebrate charities
I used to do voluntary work
I used to go for usrah
That is how I used to be
It is more fulfilling
That is a life I want to

I believe giving what you had more is happiness
It is a pleasure someone felt
I should give more
I should be better
I should be wise
Salam ramadan kareem everyone

2 komentar:

dianakamal mengatakan...

Assalam ani,

Lamanya tak jumpa ani. It has been years. Salam ramadan kareem. Keep in touch:)

madziani mengatakan...

Wslm diana. Lama kan kita tak berjumpa. Email pun dah lama tak berbalas. Salam ramadan kareem.