Rabu, November 16

Jiwa positif

You will NEVER be blessed with everything everyone else has, but you will be blessed with certain things. USE YOUR BLESSINGS to serve the world/humanity which results in worshiping Allah. If that means you have the blessings of raising a family, then DO IT and do it with excellence. Be the best wife you can be, be the best mother you can be – God knows this generation needs mothers of excellence. But on the other hand, if you are lacking in that department, and you have the blessings of becoming a multimillionaire and setting up hospitals for the underprivileged, DO THAT. Be the best of the CEO or CFO, or the best surgeon the humanity has ever seen. But be that for the sake of Allah. (Sabrina, October 2011)

If you think you can't sacrifice and commit to your dreams, then your dreams aren't big enough ( Amalina Peter)

Well said. I can't merely have achieved a thing if I don't consistently pursuing my dream and willing to sacrifice myself. Regardless of what, all I need is just a bit of courage(and of course strategies). Suprisingly, women always had that gene in them. That's why they are special :)

Decide--->Commit--->Sacrifice---> Achieve
4 months to go
May Allah bless.

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