Senin, November 16


Last Friday we had our common lecture for Medicine & Society. Sadly enough, a few students came. This was the 3rd time she gave her lecture, and the attendance were still the same. Maybe because there was rumor "there is no common lecture today"

But then, the lecture still go on. I still think medicine & society is a posting that I enjoyed the most (hanya sesetengah orang je enjoy posting nih). Probably one day, I will choose this field as my profession. 

The lecturer ended up her lecture by quoting this interesting line;

" Health programme is what you achieved overall, not just treating patient in the hospital "

I just finished watching " Thambi". A very interesting movie. About a man who fights for the sake of people in India. Corruption, political and money are the main theme. Minority of people choose to deviate from the path that most of people follow.

I went home with a new spirit. Smiling and motivated. I choose this path and I am not giving it up.

Note: another 3 weeks before i finish my o&g posting...and yet I still know nothing. sigh .

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