Minggu, November 23

Faith and doctor

Colin Son: Is your faith important in your practice as a physician?

Dr. Leap: Faith is very important to my practice, because I believe that medicine is made better by faith. How is that? We are, after all, scientists (of a sort). How can faith, a thing so difficult to empirically quantify, make any difference at all? That's what people seem to be thinking today.
Faith is a reason to keep doing what I do in the sure hope that I can make a difference, that science makes sense because the Creator of all is good. And I believe faith gives me a reason to keep coming back and doing my job, since God calls me to love others. That doesn't mean I always have to like them, but I have a duty to treat them with love.
Faith gives me hope for myself and my patients. Faith tells me that however crappy life is, it isn't the end. It isn't a comfort to anyone to know they'll reenter the food chain and become recycled carbon, nitrogen, and other bits. The hope of eternity? That's a comfort that works.
And aren't we here to comfort the ones who come to us?

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BalQis mengatakan...

Salam ziarah =)

Fuh! Thanks for sharing this...
amat-amat bermakna!

Faith to go on with whatever good things we are doing in our lives...
yeah, i surely need this~

thanks for boosting up my day!

hana mengatakan...

Terima kasih atas ziarah awak
dan terima kasih untuk komen

saya tak wat pe2 pun..saya pun hadapi bende yang same..anyway..

aren't we here to comfort the ones who come to us?

A muslim has faith in his words and knows words of faith-